PE & Sport

Students at Bethany are exposed to many different sports during P.E classes. The goal is to promote lifelong participation and enjoyment of exercise and sport, while fostering a healthy active lifestyle. Other lifelong lessons can be learnt through sport including but not limited to; team spirit, mateship, work ethic and persistence.

Bethany students are given the opportunity to participate and compete in an internal sport competition in grades 4-6. This is an avenue for students to learn teamwork and the specific skills required for the chosen sport. 

Interhouse carnivals are held for cross country, swimming and athletics. These events are opportunities for students to take part in friendly competition against other students in the school. Students are divided into 3 houses: Brisbane, Bremer and Bundamba.


Students in Years 1-6 have lessons during Term 1, and Prep – Year Six swim in Term 4. Students progress through a skills-based swimming program gaining certificates as they master what is expected at each Year Level. The lessons are conducted at McMahon's Swim Factory.

In Summary, the curriculum at Bethany focuses on student learning to develop the whole person. We seek to develop:

Physical well-being - through providing a safe happy learning community where learning is valued in a context of academic excellence. All strive to achieve their best.

Emotional well-being - through assisting students in developing strategies for building relationships and skills in teamwork.

Mental well-being - through developing capacity for learning and innovation.