Christian Studies

At Bethany we feel that it’s our calling to know Christ and to make Christ known. This belief is at the core of everything we do and it is evident when you walk into our school. At Bethany we believe that every child is a unique and precious gift from God and this means that every student has individual needs that we strive to meet.

Students are invited to explore a relationship with God through the songs, messages and sense of community at our weekly Worship Services. This time is essential at Bethany as it is a chance for the whole school community to come together and learn more about Jesus and what we believe as a Lutheran School. Students from Prep to Year 6 participate in Class Devotions multiple times each week where they can explore the ideas presented in Worship Services on a deeper and more personal level. This time also provides students with a time to pray for issues and situations that are relevant to their world. Teachers provide an invitational, safe and open environment where students feel as though they can ask questions as they learn about God.

As part of the curriculum at Bethany Lutheran Primary School, students are engaged in Christian Studies lessons each week. Students participate in rich learning experiences where they explore various elements in regards to Christian Beliefs, Living, the Lutheran Church and Christianity in the World. Students also explore other religions of the world and how they relate to Christianity. Through these rich learning experiences, students are able to form their own understanding of Christianity and God’s love.