Learning at Bethany

Learning spaces within our school focus on developing students who are:

  • Self-directed, insightful investigators and learners
  • Discerning, resourceful problem solvers and implementers
  • Adept, creative producers and contributors
  • Open, responsive communicators and facilitators
  • Principled, resilient leaders and collaborators
  • Caring, steadfast supporters and advocators

Learning environments are highly adaptable and flexible in nature, enabling students to connect, communicate and engage in rich learning experiences.

Each learning space must include the following elements:

Cave – A space where a learner can reflect on their own or learn independently.
Campfire – A space where many learners can gather to listen to another.
Watering hole – A space where learners can interact and collaborate together.
In each learning space, there are areas for social and collaborative learning, explicit instruction, active student-centred learning and project work. Students can make choices about how to use the spaces and furniture to optimise their learning.

Implementing a Project Based learning approach to teaching and learning, students are engaged in authentic and rich learning experiences. Through this approach students are provided with a real-world context for learning where student voice matters. Opportunities for Service Learning are inherent, as students are actively supported to develop and grow their awareness of local and global needs.

What students are learning, based on the Australian Curriculum:

Information For Parents Foundation Year

Information For Parents Years 1 2

Information For Parents Years 3 4

Information For Parents Years 5 6