Friday Fun Day ~ Prep

Friday Funday is an opportunity for our Prep students to build their friendships with children across both Prep classes, learning to work together, share ideas, problem solve and get creative.


Obstacle course- gross motor co-ordination and strength

Painting- fine motor, expression and creativity

Manipulatives- e.g, doll house, magnets, building equipment- fine motor strength and coordination, creativity, language skills, working cooperatively with others.

Sand pit- fine and gross motor skills, mathematical explorations, language skills, imaginative play

Dress ups- dance, role play, fine motor, imaginative play, creative expression

Puppets- collaborating, planning, performing for an audience, language skills, creative expression, imaginative play

The garden area- caring for environment, scientific investigations, responsibility,
cars/trucks/construction- fine motor, gross motor, imaginative play, language skills, planning. 
The Prep students also practise their oral language and communication skills through imaginative play, board games, creative and inviting play spaces and through the 30 Days of Drawing program.
Our areas are designed to enable the students to practise these skills in a fun setting, and also allow for the interests of the students as they arise during the week or to circle back to something they found really engaging and expand on it. Students also gain experience and confidence on the big equipment before they join the rest of the Bethany community in play spaces, later in the year.
Having a day that is less structured allows the students to move at their own pace and linger on an activity of interest to further explore it. It also allows those who are feeling tired at the end of the week to engage in a way that meets their needs. Friday Fun Day also provides an additional opportunity for the Prep staff to check in and chat with children, engage with their play and help support children to interact with new friends or facilitate negotiations when a conflict arises in a play space.
Friday Funday is a day that is treasured by students and staff each week. This day particularity encourages children to develop a sense of belonging at Bethany, as they engage with the activities and connect with each other.