Our vision, mission and values

Mission Statement

Centred on Christ, providing quality education, empowering students to serve and achieve.

Vision Statement

Be acknowledged as an innovator of Christian primary education, with vibrant community partnerships.

At Bethany, we believe that the family is very important and we want to work closely with you. By working as a team and supporting one another students are assisted to achieve their best in both their work and in the way that they conduct themselves.

Values and Beliefs

1. The foundation of lifelong learning

We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. Learning begins with the understanding that true knowledge and wisdom come from God. All aspects of learning and living occur in the context of the creative power and love of God. He provides forgiveness and an eternal future through His Son. God's Word is the authority and guide to our school community; through it we are empowered to grow as whole people, richly blessed for life.

2. Children are a valued gift

Each individual in our school is valued. God places the value of His Son on us. Therefore, our school celebrates the uniqueness of individuals and strives to extend the talents of all to reach their highest level:

  • in spiritual growth;
  • in academic learning;
  • in physical and cultural endeavour;
  • and in social and emotional well being.

Children need love, acceptance, limits on their behaviour, challenge and success to help them grow and develop their abilities fully. Problem solving and play are important to children and are valued approaches in learning.

3. A positive atmosphere

Children need time to be children and therefore we strive to provide a safe environment where mistakes are stepping stones to growth and a positive atmosphere of success is authentically lived. Forgiveness is valued and practised freely in our school.

4. Sharing

All in our community share a responsibility towards others.

  • Each values themselves,
  • values others,
  • values their own freedom,
  • values the freedom of others…
  • and each person aims to
  • care,
  • support,
  • encourage,
  • serve,
  • and respect others.

5. Caring

All children and members of the school community need to value working together to provide excellent resources, environment, example and opportunity for each other and to take pride in serving our community.

6. Supporting

Parents are the most important people in the lives of their children. As a school, our aim is to assist parents to achieve the best possible outcome in providing a foundation for life for their children. We strive for excellence in education through working as a team; parents and school are partners in teaching and learning.

7. The school environment

The environment is a gift to all; nature is to be preserved, protected and treasured. We therefore help one another to value and care for our environment.

Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) – National Policy

Bethany as a Lutheran School also sits within the statements of Lutheran Education Queensland and Lutheran Education Australia. The publication, A Vision for Learners and Learning (LEA) was published in 2006 as a significant document describing the links between Lutheran theology, ethos, values and practices. Embedded in this document are the Lifelong Qualities for Learners (LQL), which are aspirational statements. They provide a focus for the vision that Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) has for learners and learning and Lutheran Schools.

LQL has three interrelated and interconnected parts:

The Core Statement, which refers to identity

The Values Statement, which describes core values that reflects the character of God and which people hold as they live in community

The Statement of Attributes and Abilities, which describes what people are and what they do as they contribute to communities in compassionate and productive way.

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