About Us

Welcome to our website!

Our website is dynamic and as we move through the school year, it is used to report on the day-to-day happenings in our school. We like to celebrate student achievements and enjoy sharing our experiences with the wider community.

Bethany is an alive, vibrant school community. We have experienced a huge amount of change over the life of the school and the journey that we have traveled has been immense. The challenges that we have faced since 1982 when the school started have served to refine our understanding of what we want our school to be and to do for our students.

Bethany school staff members are dedicated to sharing their passion for learning with the students. This is done in a way that is grounded in developing them as people. We want to help children with values and standards formation that will carry them through life. We want our children to grow up to be great people that we can all be proud to know.

Our teachers have completed studies in Christian Education. They are either fully accredited as Lutheran teachers, or working towards accreditation. They are committed to providing a quality Christian education assisting children to develop an enjoyment of learning and growing in maturity. Teachers design units of work which challenge students within the context of building strong relationships. Through the Christian Studies Program and the Behavioural Management/Restorative Practices Program, children are taught the value of developing positive ways of working together.

Children today need to have excellent skills in the core learning areas and be ready for the wide variety of opportunities and challenges which the changing world will bring. Technology is one of the many tools which students use in their learning to find, construct and apply knowledge purposefully.

As you step into our school through our website, we hope that you are able to gain a glimpse of the special nature of our school and the school community. It is an exciting, happy learning community which is warm and supportive while maintaining high standards in academic achievement, yet accepting the individual needs of students.


Bethany Lutheran Primary School Annual Report 2017


Child Protection Policy 2018