Year 4 Camp @ Maroochy Waterfront

May 03, 2017

On Wednesday 3rd May, the Year 4 students and teachers drove to Maroochydore for a 3 day camp. The weather was wonderful and gave students the opportunity to enjoy both land and water activities. The activities were run by Lou and Gav from ‘Character Builders’, a fabulous company that specialises in team building and character building activities.

Some of our students shared their ideas about camp:

Skylee (before camp)

I feel very excited because we are going to be doing a lot of fun things. My expectations are to do canoeing, kayaking and swimming. We will have a terrific time there.


On camp, we first sat down and listened to instructions. We got our key to our room. I shared a room with Ella. The first activity we did was the amazing race. In the amazing race, we did a bucket head, marble pipe, hoops, tower stack and sling shot.

Lalirra (before camp)

Tomorrow we are leaving for camp and I am feeling very excited, happy and anxious. My expectations are that we will have fun, sleep, do canoeing, kayaking and swimming.


My trip to camp was amazing. It was better than last year. I did canoeing and stand up paddle boarding.

Annaliese (before camp)

We are going on camp tomorrow. My feelings are that I am a little bit scared because it is my first time being in a room with others. My expectations are that it is going to be good.

Students did go kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, do fun team activities, have free time, and they did eat delicious food. This camp is not really camping, because we get to stay in rooms with two beds and an ensuite – so we call it ‘glamping’.

Thank you Mr King, Mr Steele and Mrs Sherry for joining us on camp and helping us.

Posted on May 23, 2017