Year 2 Bugs Ed Incursion

May 26, 2017

Last Friday Year 2 had a special visitor Megan, from Bugs Ed come and visit the classroom. She showed us lots of interesting insects and we got to touch them as well. We learnt about many different insect lifecycles and how they grow from being inside an egg to growing into an adult insect. We looked at old insects like stick insects and new modern insects like butterflies.

Megan told us that there are ten quintillion bugs on the earth. She told us about how stick insects like to camouflage themselves in trees to protect themselves and every time they shed their skin they eat it so they don’t leave clues for other animals to find them. All bugs breathe through their belly buttons. We met Poppy, the praying mantis and Greta, a Goliath stick insect. Greta was happy waving to us. She was so big and heavy that she could not fly away. Charlie, a children’s stick insect was very friendly and we got to hold her. We saw how the Ulysses butterfly wings change colour as they fly because of the reflection from the light on their wings. Some insects have warning colours. They are orange, red or yellow and black which tell us that they are dangerous and we should stay away. So many amazing things to learn about insects.

We got to take a goody bag home that had seeds to plant in our garden to attract insects and we got our very own mealworm pet to look after. It was a great session of learning.

Posted on July 26, 2017