Visit to BFX – BRISFURN at Maroochydore

August 23, 2017

On Wednesday 23rd August, Mr. Schiller was invited by the Executive Director of Innovation and Technology from LEQ to visit the company showroom and then their factory at Yandina. Together with Derek Bartels and two other Primary Principals we saw the wonderful developments being made by this progressive furniture manufacturer to support our Agile Learning approach to the delivery of curriculum. It was exciting to see furniture in the design stage for the support of Maker Space projects to make learning more manageable in that area. We learnt about what can be done to improve classroom acoustics through the way a room is furnished. The Director, Procurement & Major Projects, Connie Glover, engaged with us in speaking about the needs of our schools for the type of furniture and equipment. The company would like our schools to partner with them in trying out new furniture ideas and equipment for education and also get to know our schools and understand the educational needs of innovative schools using Agile Learning to support students in developing the skills they will require in the workplaces of 22 nd century when they will be employed. Each of us was excited by what we saw and the terrific opportunity we have been given.

Posted on September 17, 2017