Staff Installation Service 2019

February 03, 2019

This past Sunday we had the amazing joy of coming together as a church and school family to celebrate our new principal and staff. It was a wonderful way to start 2019 in acknowledging the those called to our wonderful school and pray for them and those they will be leading, teaching and growing through their various roles in our community.

Let us all think of them with the following prayer, and maybe even pray this for ourselves as we aspire with all our hearts to grow and raise our kids in partnership with our school community:

Dear God,

Grant our principal and teachers an abundance of Your wisdom. Prepare their hearts to lead in love, welcome with understanding, and may we make sure to show them love and respect in return.

Give them grace as they help students who aren’t thriving, courage to say what needs to be said, tools and knowledge on how and when to speak love, and strength when they feel weak. When they feel unseen, remind them that no moment goes unnoticed. They are shaping the future in one million small - yet incredibly important - ways every day.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of learning they share with us as students. Bless Mrs Hansen in her leadership and our teachers in such a way, Lord, that they may see even just a glimpse of how their faithfulness will forever impact generations to come.

Help us to support our school leaders, teachers and school members as they need it. And finally, help us to look to the source of our comfort and hope, Jesus, so that we can truly be a family that work together to the glory of God and for the love of those around us.


In His service,

Pastor Roelof Buitendag

Posted on March 04, 2019