Installation of Student Council and Commissioning of Senior Students

February 28, 2018

Thank you to Councillor David Martin and Clair Parsons, Community Liaison Officer from Shane Neumann’s Office, for presenting the badges and certificates of office to the students being installed. In the life of our students and school the Installation of our Student Council is an important event. At their Emu Gully Camp last week, the Year 6 students have been learning about working together in a team, supporting each other in facing challenges and in solving problems that are shared by the group. On Monday they went to the GRIP Conference at the Sleeman Centre and on Friday the 6 Executive Leaders will attend the Student Leadership Convention in Brisbane.As our students grow in their understanding of leadership they will understand more about the opportunities that they have to serve the community in which they live. Through that service they will appreciate that community can be strengthened and they can help shape the world to be a better place.Councillor Martin encouraged the students to lead by example and show others what it means to take the initiative. The Year 6 students are all leaders in our school and therefore all received a badge identifying them as Seniors.

Posted on April 20, 2018