Inservice Week 15th – 19th January

January 15, 2018

Last Monday, staff from St John’s Lutheran School Kingaroy joined us for a full day WTW/LEM WORKSHOP presented by Chris Killey from Melbourne.

Chris Killey is an enthusiastic, dedicated, teacher with 30 years’ experience. Chris has a Graduate Diploma and Masters in Special Education and she is a trained LEM instructor. Chris was the coordinator of the SPELD learning centre for over 8 ½ years and is still running her own tutoring business.

Chris is passionate about helping all students to be independent learners and has developed explicit, simple, yet effective teaching strategies using colour, songs and games and has had fantastic results with students. Chris is a co-author of the Australian Supplement for the ‘Words Their Way’ Spelling program and author of many books other on spelling, grammar and mathematics. Chris’s presentations are entertaining, inspiring, hands on and practical. She has presented at many International Conferences and presents regularly all around Australia.

The workshop focused on the following areas:

  • Difference between Spelling & Reading.
  • Links between LEM/WTW
  • The developmental stage of Spelling
  • Spelling Strategies
  • Grammar
  • Assessment
  • Classroom Management
  • Q&A Time

The day was hugely beneficial! It was a real privilege attending Chris’ sessions and we all took away some great ideas. Some things we took out of the three sessions were:

  • Grammar – a whole school approach to making grammar fun and linked with word study really does work.
  • Resources – you don’t need much to have effective word study sessions. Although there is a mountain of resources online through portals like TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers), using things we already have can be just as effective. Keeping it simple and repetitive is great too.

Chris was very impressed by our passion and enthusiasm for word study, especially on the first day back! Chris also provided us with access to resources which will enrich our programs:

  • Phonograms PPT with audio
  • A Whole School Spelling Approach
  • Word Study Running Record template
  • WTW activities with hyperlinks to further resources
  • Spelling Choices (Homework and/or School)

The week also included a Staff Opening Service with Pastor Ben in which he introduced the theme SERVE to the school staff, and sessions dealing with Curriculum, Behavioural Management, Policies, Procedures and classroom organisational details. Teachers and teacher aides also had time to work together and prepare the classrooms.

Thank you to all the staff for the excellent start to the year!

Posted on February 04, 2018