Enrolment policy

Bethany Prep class is the regular point of entry into Bethany Lutheran Primary School. The acceptance of a place of enrolment in the Prep class is acknowledgment of the intention to continue education at Bethany throughout the primary years. A process of re-enrolment does not occur at the commencement of each year level.

There are two Prep classes with 25 children in each class. Each classes has an Early Childhood teacher and a full time teacher aide. The Education Act in Queensland requires that children enrolled in Prep turn five by the 30th June of the year they start.

Eligibility for Prep

2018- Child born 1st July 2012 to 30th June 2013

Bethany School supports and encourages children to be older rather than younger when entering Year One. This practice provides greater potential for long term success in formal education. Parents who feel their child is not ready to go to Year One may do a second year of Prep.

Enrolment priorities

The Enrolment Policy at Bethany is set by the Bethany School Council. When applications exceed the number of available places, our enrolment policy is to fill positions in the following order.

  1. Preference is given to those students whose brother(s) or sister(s) attend Bethany Lutheran Primary School.
  2. Children who are from families where at least one parent is an active member of the Lutheran Church and children who attend Bethany Lutheran Community Kindergarten.
  3. Children from other families who are interested in a Christian education and are willing to support the ethos of Bethany Lutheran Primary School.

Enrolment acceptance at Bethany is not dependent on the race, colour, creed or the ability level of students. The number of students requiring `special services' will be limited according to the resources that the school is able to provide at the time. Consideration will be given to maintaining an approximately equal balance of boys and girls at each year level.

Enrolment procedures

Applications for enrolment are taken at any time. A fee of $60.00 (includes GST) is payable on lodgement and is not refundable. In the case of children seeking entry into the Prep and Year One classes, we recommend that applications be submitted by the end of March of the year prior to the year of commencement, if not earlier. Applications are also accepted from when a child is born.

During the year, Open Days are held where parents are given a school tour. The school’s philosophy and practices are explained. Parents who have made application for enrolment or who are interested in finding out more about the school are invited to attend.

At the end of the morning, parents are invited to make an appointment for an enrolment interview with the Principal. This interview completes the enrolment process. Student places are offered once interviews have been completed. Parents are informed by letter of the status of their enrolment application.

Acceptance of enrolment offers for the following year

When receiving an offer of enrolment, families are asked to confirm the enrolment and reserve the place through the payment of afamily deposit of $350. This is required to be paid within 2 weeks. The family deposit is refundable on request after the last child of the family has completed their primary education. Alternatively it may be donated to the school building Fund after many happy years of association with the school. Donations to this fund are tax deductable.

Entry through the year levels

Enrolment applications for families seeking to enrol children throughout the school are processed as they are received. If a place is not immediately available, student names are added to our waiting list. As with all schools, families are mobile and parents do relocate for work and other reasons. Each year throughout the classes a number of transfers occur and so it is worthwhile to make enquiries.