The first year of formal schooling.

Prep will set children on the path to lifelong learning

Prep provides the foundation children need to succeed at school by developing:

  • A positive approach to learning
  • Independence and confidence
  • Thinking and problem solving
  • Language skills
  • Early literacy and numeracy
  • Physical abilities, including gross and fine motor skills
  • Australian Curriculum- English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, HPE etc.

What will your child learn in the Prep Year?

The learning experiences in the Prep Year will help your child to:

  • take on responsibilities
  • become more independent
  • respect other people
  • cooperate with others
  • make sensible choices about their health and safety
  • develop their physical skills
  • develop their oral language
  • develop their early literacy understandings
  • develop their early mathematical understandings
  • learn how to be thinkers and problem solvers
  • use their imagination and creativity
  • learn about their environment.

Children begin Year One having been introduced to school English and Maths programs such as LEM Phonics, Words their Way and Targeting Maths. They also participate in the school You Can Do it Program, as well as the Perceptual Motor Program, which assists with language concepts, verbalising what they are doing and helping develop coordination and memory.

Children in Queensland must by law turn 5 by 30th June in the year of starting Prep. This also means that they must turn 6 by 30th June in the year they commence Year One.

For more information and details about Prep, open the Prep Handbook attachment below.

2019 Prep Handbook