· Mrs Michelle Witheyman-Crump Teacher-Librarian

· Mrs Christine Muggeridge Library Assistant

Library Hours:

· 8:00am – 3:00pm Monday & Thursday’s (open early for students, parents and younger siblings)

· 8:25am – 3:00pm Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

The Library is open for students Monday-Thursday lunchtimes.

We have an open door policy – if Mrs Crump is at the circulation desk, she is available to staff, students and parents regardless of the time.

What we offer Students:-

Ø Comfortable and inviting spaces

Ø A selection of age-appropriate reading material - Fiction and non-fiction books

Ø Regular borrowing

Ø Students may borrow the following number of books:-

Prep – Year 2 = 2 books

Year 3 – Year 4 = 3 books

Year 5 – Year 6 = 4 books

Ø Library bags upon enrolment as part of the students book pack. These bags have been specifically chosen as they are water-proof.

Ø Support with homework and research at lunchtimes.

Ø A place to relax at lunchtimes – play board games, read, chat quietly with friends

Ø Scholastic Book Club

Ø Competitions

Ø Participation in the Ipswich Story Sports Competition

What we offer our Families:-

Ø Library membership for parents and younger siblings to borrow our books

Ø The Library opens early every Monday and Thursday mornings to encourage families to come in to browse and borrow.

Library Events:-


Ø Visiting authors and illustrators

Ø SAFI (StoryArts Festival Ipswich – Biennially)

Ø Book Fairs