ICT & iPads

At Bethany Lutheran Primary School, we are passionate about the effective use of ICTs. All staff (teachers and support staff) actively participate in fortnightly professional development. We believe this is important to ensure the effective and engaging use of ICTs is maintained, and that transparency and consistency occurs across the school. We have a strong focus on the ICT infrastructure of the school including its continual maintenance and upgrading. In the early years (Prep – Grade 3), learning is enhanced around the effective integration of laptops and iPads across all Learning Areas. Each of these rooms have access to laptops and iPads. In the upper years (Grades 4-6), learning is enhanced through the use of a 1:1 iPad program within an Agile Learning Framework. Learning in this area of the school is conducted in communal spaces that provide an opportunity for people to work together in new ways. The creation of these types of spaces develops students that are more responsible and independent, as they feel they have control and choice over their environment and a higher level of trust is created. These environments promote collaboration and interdependence, while increasing flexibility in the way we learn and where we learn.