Bethany Lutheran Primary School offers an educational experience in a smaller school setting..... a community where your child is KNOWN, VALUED and NURTURED to succeed.

The school functions under the requirements for registration as set down by the Queensland Department of Education, but maintains the right to teach the curriculum from a Christian perspective. At Bethany, we use the Australian Curriculum, adapting it where necessary to meet our aims and the needs of the children. A wide range of teaching materials and resources are used by teachers in preparing the units of study undertaken by the children. The staff support students in their growth and development as a whole person, in laying a strong foundation for lifelong skills in all spheres of life. While the curriculum drives learning, ICT and skills in applying strategies, knowledge and values are taught to assist students in negotiating their way forward in the working and social world of the future.

We are conscious of the need to prepare our children to attend a wide variety of secondary schools, both state and independent. The teaching staff, working together, plan the program with care, aiming to bring each child to the highest level of which he or she is capable. We aim to assist each child to achieve a high level of literacy, numeracy and communication abilities, while providing a rich variety of experience throughout all areas of the curriculum.

The primary school focuses on the following Key Learning Areas:

Christian Studies

Through this curriculum, students have the opportunity to evaluate the values and standards of the society around them and have a choice in the values that they adopt for living with others. Our children are receiving a vast array of messages from the TV and the media, messages which should not be simply accepted as their moral values. Real life issues are managed through our spiritual understandings. Our young people need to be connected to values that build a positive community.

Emphasis on the core learning areas of English and Mathematics

These areas are vital to the development of learning in all other areas. Our students need to be literate in so many ways today. Students need to develop skills in finding, evaluating and processing information. They need to work with others and be able to share understandings, debate them and use skills and process to solve problems. Our students more than ever need to be well-rounded people with high level thinking skills. A narrow, purely academic curriculum will not serve children well in the future they are facing.

Subject Areas

History, Geography, Health and Physical Education (HPE), Science, Technology and The Arts are taught using the Australian Curriculum. Children have the opportunity to learn computer skills using classroom computers, laptops and Ipads. Year 4 to Year 6 students take part in a one-on-one iPad Program. All classrooms have access to the Internet and are intra-netted through school servers.

Each class participates in a weekly Library lesson taken by our Teacher Librarian. Research skills are discussed and practiced during these lessons.

Classroom Music lessons are provided for all students in Prep to Year 6.

Instrumental Music Program

Students may begin to learn an instrument from Year 1. Bethany has qualified music teachers in the following areas: piano, strings, woodwind, percussion and guitar. Students receive tuition during the school day. An additional fee applies to those taking advantage of this excellent program.

Cultural Learning Experiences

Bethany also has a broad range of cultural experiences. Bethany has its own buses allowing us to run an exciting program of Outdoor Education and a variety of well-chosen excursions to enhance the educational program. Years 3 to 6 take part in Outdoor Education Programs. All camps are integrally linked to the curriculum and enhance student learning.


All students have a weekly lesson for four weeks during Terms 1 and 4. Students progress through a skills-based swimming program, gaining certificates as they master what is expected at each Year Level. The lessons are conducted at McMahon's Swim Factory.

Competitive sport

All students from Years 4 to 6 have the opportunity to represent the school in sporting teams.

In Summary, the curriculum at Bethany focuses on student learning to develop the whole person. We seek to develop:

  • Physical well being - through providing a safe happy learning community where learning is valued in a context of academic excellence. All strive to achieve their best.
  • Emotional well-being - through assisting students in developing strategies for building relationships and skills in teamwork.
  • Mental well-being - through developing capacity for learning and innovation.
  • Spiritual well being - through encouraging connectedness, values and partnerships with others / developing students who use wisdom and foresight.